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Questions With God Season 1 DVD

Questions With God Season 1 DVD

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Questions With God is the new series from Darren Wilson where he asks hard, often thorny questions about God and faith. These round table discussions with leaders, celebrities, and pastors offer unprecedented vulnerability and honesty in a faith-based show. The series is designed to go deep into important discussions through conversation. Pull up a chair and sit at a table with Darren and his friends as they wrestle with a wide variety of questions about God.

Series Includes:

  • Episode 01 - Desperation - What role does desperation play in God moving in our lives? Is God totally arbitrary in who He decides to heal? What do you do when your desperation meets up with the silence of God? - With John Piippo, Robby Dawkins, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway
  • Episode 02 - Weird Stuff - If it’s not in the Bible, can it still be God? Is God normal? How do we stay grounded in good theology when opening up to some of the stranger things of the Spirit? - With Chad Norris, Gary Wilson, Bryan Schwarz, Pat Windel
  • Episode 03 - One Time Encounters - What is the point of a one-time God encounter if there is no follow up? Should the gospel message be given at every encounter? How do you overcome the challenges of one-time encounters with people? - With Chad Norris, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 04 - Importance of Experience - Does experience mean anything in God’s kingdom? Doesn’t experience breed faith, and isn’t faith a pre-requisite for healing? Why don’t we see more of the miraculous in the West compared to elsewhere in the world? ⁃ With Bryan Schwartz, Darren Davis, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 05 - Justice vs Grace - Where do you draw the line between justice and grace? Why is it so hard to walk in the same grace Jesus showed? - With Anthony Acevedo (former Latin King gang member), Darren Davis, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 06 - God & Trauma - Can God completely heal past trauma in one encounter? Is it reckless to expect this? Also included: the full story of Navy SEAL, Shannon Rusch, from Holy Ghost Reborn. - With Shannon Rusch, Bryan Schwartz, Will & Jamie Hacker
  • Episode 07 - What is Love? - What does love really look like? How do we define it? What example did Jesus set for us? - With Jenell Wilson, Emily Galloway, Bryan Schwartz, Gary Wilson
  • Episode 08 - The Catholic Divide - Why is there such a divide between Catholics and Protestants? How should the relationship work? What can we learn from each other? - With Father Anthony Co, John Piippo, Bryan Schwartz, Chad Norris
  • Episode 09 - A Creative God - Why would God use creative ways to speak to us when He’s already given us the Bible? How does God’s creativity affect His interaction with us? How do we know something is God and not just coincidence? - Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Gary Wilson, Wendy Norris
  • Episode 10 - Street Preachers - What is the best way to preach the gospel? How would you even define “preaching the gospel”? What role does the sinner’s prayer take in all this? What should be the ultimate motivator of giving the gospel message? - With Chad Norris, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 11 - A Choice Must Be Made - What role does choice play in our salvation? What does it mean to make a choice vs God choosing us? Is salvation as simple as saying yes? Has God chosen everyone or only a chosen few? - With Chad Norris, Gary Wilson, Darren Davis, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 12 - Religion vs Relationship - What is the difference between religion and having a relationship with God? How does “being a christian” differ from “having a relationship”? How is Christ different from other gods rom other religions? - With John Piippo, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 13 - God & Korn Part 1 - Are Christians more afraid of darkness than God is? What is it we’re afraid of? What is the proper approach to the things of this world, especially things of darkness? - With Brian “Head” Welch, Chad & Wendy Norris, Gary Wilson
  • Episode 14 - God & Korn Part 2 - How can you be a Christian and still work in a dark industry? Doesn’t Jesus call us to be in the world and not of it? When should we stay away, and when should we body go into the darkness with the light? - With Brian “Head” Welch, Bryan Schwartz, Chad Norris, Gary Wilson
  • Episode 15 - The Journey - How much freedom should we allow in a person’s journey? How should we handle sin with others? What are some of the biggest mistakes we make in dealing with other people’s sin? - With Chad Norris, Jamie & Emily Galloway, Darren Davis
  • Episode 16 - Do What Jesus Did - Can literally anyone do what Jesus did? Is there a learning curve? What are the rules of stepping out; what should you never do? - With Chad Norris, Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Robby Dawkins
  • Episode 17 - Tongues - Why are tongues so controversial? What is actually happening when you speak in tongues? How are you sure it’s a tongue and not just babbling? Are there different kinds of tongues? - With Chad & Wendy Norris, John Piippo, Eric Hansen
  • Episode 18 - Does God Need Us? - Does God really need us? What happens at a “conversion”? Who does the choosing, us or God? Is a statement of faith even important? - With Darren Davis, Chad Norris, Mike Breen, Jamie Galloway
  • Episode 19 - Hearing God - How do you know if it’s God or if it’s you? Is there a way to test what you’re hearing to identify if it’s God speaking? What are some important truths to remember in hearing God? - With Bryan Schwartz, Jamie Galloway, Chad & Wendy Norris
  • Episode 20 - Why is Faith So Hard? - If Faith is so important to God, then why is it so difficult? Why do so many Christians struggle with believing God can answer their prayers? How do you walk in greater faith? - With Chad Norris, Gary Wilson, John Piippo, Robby Dawkins

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Product Reviews

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  1. Exploring Tough issues 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 6th 2017

    With each session we watch, we are challenged and encouraged in our faith. Some of the questions are tough and hard to answer, but when the panel members answer, I point to the TV and say, "He's right on!" We are really enjoying watching them.

  2. reinvigorating 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 1st 2017

    Hi everyone
    I play one episode every monday night at my mens group.
    It always makes me smile, because finally someone's gotten real about the issues were facing. God is interactive and loves his people and not some distant angry bank manager.
    And this aligns, with another fellow by the name Jonothan Welton .
    Darren Wilson & Jonothan Welton are world changers.
    Respect to you're wife's...

  3. Excellent discussion starter 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Oct 1st 2017

    I reviewed Adventures and would only add that this set must, in my view, be used in tandem with with it. Used as such it is an excellent tool to further growth in the Kingdom

  4. Questions to stir more questions! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 25th 2017

    The Questions with God series is a great follow-up to Adventures with God. I recommend having them both! Listening to the wisdom and respectful interaction among the people Darren gathers around the table is inspiring and encouraging. Buy one for yourself and another for a friend!

  5. Great for studies 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 23rd 2017

    A great resource that will be used in a small group as a discussion starter. Great material!

  6. Questions With God did not disappoint! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Sep 22nd 2017

    Looked forward to receiving season one of Questions With God and it has been wonderful, hearing the discussions. Always leads me to study His Word more in depth, and there is the wonderful feeling of being part of the discussion. Always enjoyed these round table segments, now the waiting for season two!! Blessings!