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God & Creativity Download & Stream

God & Creativity Download & Stream


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Popular filmmaker & author Darren Wilson joins his father, artist Gary Wilson, in a 7-part series on Creativity. Covering topics as wide ranging as creativity in the Bible, finding your style, overcoming fear, the process of destiny, and various theories of creativity, Darren and Gary bring not only their own experiences creating films and fine art, but also over 50 years of teaching on creativity to Universities and churches around the world. This is a teaching series that doesn’t just give you a theoretical idea of creativity, but actually provides you with tools and techniques to pull out the full creative potential that God has placed in your life.

Series Includes:

  • Episode 01 - Creative God, Creative You: We first need to understand God’s creative nature and how we fit into that understanding based on the Bible. We then look at the history of the church and its often rocky relationship with creativity and the arts.
  • Episode 02 - A Creative Roadmap: In this episode we focus on many of the basic principles of creativity, both from a secular and Christian viewpoint.
  • Episode 03 - The Process of Destiny: This episode about finding and walking out your God-given destiny, the importance of character, and learning how to embrace the journey vs pursuing the destination.
  • Episode 04 - The Origins of Creativity: In this episode we discuss the various worldviews and theories of creativity, because how you think affects how and what you create.
  • Episode 05 - Tales From The Trenches: In this episode we deal with failure and its importance in the creative process.
  • Episode 06 - The Trinity of Creativity: Here we deal with the concept of “style” and how it is achieved creatively.
  • Episode 07 - How To Change The World: In this final episode we deal with an overview of things you must master, conquer, and come to accept if you want to make a lasting change to the world through your art.

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  1. very enlightening 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jun 29th 2017

    These series have really opened my eyes to so many things: history of art in church, creativity, holy Spirits partnership with us etc. Huge thank you to Darren & his dad for the movie.

  2. Amazing! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on May 5th 2017

    It's always amazed me when people say "oh I'm not creative" and I've always thought "sure you are, you were created in the likeness of God." These sessions I found to be very insightful and full of useful information. The partnering between Darren and His father show how the Holy Spirit is working through these two men to reach more people on how to be more spirit filled and creative.

  3. Thank You! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Nov 7th 2016

    I soaked up every word. Many things throughout the sessions reached inside me and fed me and changed me as a artist created to create. I have to go back through the sessions and keep feeding on them a while. I've been praying for several years (more like my whole life) that God would show me His Spirit in the world of art. Thank you for heeding His call in this.

    My only criticism is I want more sessions! I'm not even sure of the topics at this point. There is so much to learn in the world of art and God. I'm so thankful for this revival in the artworld.