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Furious Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Download

Furious Love (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Download


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The official musical score for the film, Furious Love.

Written by Matthew Bilen for the feature film, Furious Love, this collection of Moby-esque songs provide a lush soundscape for a film filled with both touching and intense imagery. The end credits song, Sing, Sing, Sing, was written and performed by the band, The Least of These, and was created specifically for Furious Love. It provides a rapturous, uplifting end to an emotional film.

1 Furious Love Matthew Bilen 2:28
2 Philip's Theme Matthew Bilen 2:46
3 Echoes of Freedom Matthew Bilen 1:52
4 Picking A Fight Matthew Bilen 4:58
5 Pagan Reverence Matthew Bilen 3:08
6 Light In Thailand Matthew Bilen 2:46
7 Annie's Embrace Matthew Bilen 2:02
8 A Ladyboy Meets His Father Matthew Bilen 8:48
9 Truth Is A Person Matthew Bilen 2:02
10 Mariana's Hope Matthew Bilen 2:36
11 India Matthew Bilen 1:10
12 A Cry From Orissa Matthew Bilen 1:46
13 Heaven Matthew Bilen 4:06
14 Nearing The End Matthew Bilen 1:54
15 The Choice Is Ours To Make Matthew Bilen 5:20
16 The World Is Waiting Matthew Bilen 3:40
17 Bow Before The King Matthew Bilen 6:08
18 Sing, Sing, Sing The Least of These 4:26

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Release Date:
Matthew Bilen, The Least Of These
WP Films
© WP Films 2010
Total Length:
61 Minutes 56 Seconds
Number of Songs:
AAC iTunes Plus Quality (256kbps) and MP3 (192kbps)
File Size:
264.27 MB

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