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Father of Lights Deluxe Edition Download & Stream

Father of Lights Deluxe Edition Download & Stream


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Dove Faith Friendly

The Father of Lights Deluxe Edition includes the original film plus over 11 hours of extra content, interviews, and footage from around the world.

If God could be filmed, what would He look like? See the rest of the story. Father of Lights is a film about the very heart of God - it is a discovery of His character. Along the way, Darren Wilson and his team met amazing people and had incredible adventures around the world, and this Deluxe Edition brings all of those people and events right into your living room. The Deluxe Edition contains the film, as well as hours of extra footage, interviews, and deleted scenes. This is your chance to not only own the film, but to see the rest of the story behind this groundbreaking movie. Prepare to see the impossible. Prepare to meet your maker.

The Father of Lights Deluxe Edition includes:

  • Father of Lights (1 hr 38 min): The actual film in its entirety.
  • The Making of Father of Lights (1 hr 17 min): Take a hilarious look behind the scenes of Father of Lights and see what really happened while these three normal guys travel to Siberia, India, China, and Israel, meet the Latin Kings, encounter The Supperclub, and search for light rays to film.
  • Bonus Footage (1 hr 26 min): Additional footage from Disc 2 of the Father of Lights Deluxe Edition includes riveting footage straight from streets featuring an alternate opening, more adventures with Ravi, tattoo evangelism, a kingdom encounter in a subway, the entire Latin Kings story, George Barna's surprise, the Dream Center, Church terrorism in Iraq, God & rental cars, footage from after the Dome, a resurrection in Siberia, and more.
  • Stories (5 hr 24 min): From Disc 3 of the Father of Lights Deluxe Edition comes over 4 hours of some of the most incredible stories ever put to film. Get the full story of Ravi, Mike & Deena, Majed, Shawn Bolz's brother, Jack Deere's son, Marc Ford & The Black Crowes, the reunited persecuted family, and the anatomy of the Father of Lights song by Jesus Culture.
  • Theology (2 hr 43 min): From Disc 4 of the Father of Lights Deluxe Edition comes over 2 hours of the theology featuring Jaeson Ma, Greg Boyd, Jack Deere, Doug Addison, Kris Vallotton, Lou Engle, Shawn Bolz, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, Philip Mantofa, Andrew Farley, Andrew Wommack, Heidi Baker, Todd White, George Barna, and Reinhard Bonnke. They discuss engaging topics about the Father, grace, the religious spirit, relevance, wisdom, decision over relationship, behavior, the orphan spirit, friendship vs. performance, prayer, risk, the grey area, conviction of the Holy Spirit, and other powerful thoughts that were not included in the movie.

Featuring: Reinhard Bonnke, Bill Johnson, Mike Bickle, George Barna, Greg Boyd, Heidi Baker, Matthew Barnett, Robby Dawkins, Lou Engle, Robby Dawkins, Jack Deere, Andrew Wommack, Andrew Farley, Todd White, and many more!

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  1. AWESOME! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Jan 14th 2016

    Love the extras. It's like getting a lot of really good word/teaching from all over the world from people who have walked it out and know what they are talking about and their hearts! the heart that you all have. :-)