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Adventures With God Season 2

Adventures With God Season 2 Download & Stream

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In Season 2, you'll once again see a combination of old adventures featured in Darren's films, mixed with new footage and just like Season 1, 5 brand new adventures, starting with a thought-provoking two-part opening adventure set in New York City. This season Darren tackles tricky subjects like prophecy, spiritual warfare, worship, hell, homosexuality, and much more!

Series Includes:

  • Episode 01 - The Poor Part 1 - In this brand new adventure, Darren and his crew travel to New York City to try and find a homeless person and change their life in one day. Along the way, we wrestle with the question: How should we treat the poor?
  • Episode 02 - The Poor Part 2 - Part 2 picks up where we left off in the first episode, and our new friend is treated to a private concert from the band, Big Daddy Weave, and the twists and turns keep coming from there. Here we ask the question: Can you ever waste your time ministering to someone?
  • Episode 03 - Is Joy A Choice? - The full story behind the powerful encounter from Holy Ghost Reborn, where the team ministers with Surprise Sithole in South Africa and they meet a local witch doctor who gets powerfully touched by God. Our question: Is joy a choice, despite our circumstances?
  • Episode 04 - Overcoming Fear - You’ll meet Majed el Shafie, a survivor of religious persecution and a tireless advocate for Christians undergoing persecution all over the world. Hear his amazing story as we ask the question: How do you overcome fear?
  • Episode 05 - Persecution: Good or Bad? - Combining footage from various films, you’ll see heroes of the faith who have endured persecution for their faith. We’ll wrestle with the main question: is persecution a good or bad thing? The answer may surprise you.
  • Episode 06 - What Is Worship Part 1 - In this episode we see the full story of the first part of what happened in Varanasi, India, in Holy Ghost. We begin to wrestle with the very big question: What is worship? This is part 1 of 2.
  • Episode 07 - What Is Worship Part 2 - Continuing where we left off in the previous episode, we see the rest of what happened at Varanasi, India, and continue to explore the main question of: What exactly is worship?
  • Episode 08 - Jesus Goes To A Tailgate - In this brand new adventure, Darren and his crew travel to a Clemson football tailgate in an attempt to see Jesus move in the midst of a rowdy party atmosphere. Along the way, we ask: What responsibility do we have for each other as Christians?
  • Episode 09 - The Demonic - Asking the question: How should we deal with the demonic? You’ll see a variety of moments from past films where we dealt with this form of spiritual warfare.
  • Episode 10 - Spiritual Warfare - As we explore more examples from past films of spiritual warfare, we ask the question: Does God cause your problems?
  • Episode 11 - The Role Of Sacrifice - In this episode we focus on Heidi and Rolland Baker, who are doing amazing things with orphans and the poor in Mozambique and were highlighted in Finger of God. We ask the question: What role should sacrifice play in a Christian’s life?
  • Episode 12 - Is Hell Real? - Recently the idea of hell as a real place has come under attack, so we wanted to explore the topic further. Over the years Darren has filmed a variety of people who say they have actually experienced it in one form or another, and you’ll hear their stories in this episode.
  • Episode 13 - Changing The Atmosphere Part 1 - I this part 1 of 2, we see the full story behind the riot in Rome that was featured in Holy Ghost Reborn. Along the way we ask: Should the room be different when we walk in?
  • Episode 14 - Is God Doing This? Part 2 - Part 2 looks at the fullness of the aftermath of the riot in Rome, and asks the tough question: Does everything happen for a reason?
  • Episode 15 - What Is Prophecy - In this all new adventure, Darren and his crew travel to St. Louis with Jamie Galloway to minister to some homeless people. This episode focuses on the prophetic, and ask the question: What is prophecy?
  • Episode 16 - Homosexuality Part 1 - This episode focuses on the encounter with the lady boy in Thailand, that was featured in Furious Love. In part 1 of 2 looking at sexual sin, we focus more on the question of homosexuality in asking the question: Is it even possible to love the sinner and hate the sin?
  • Episode 17 - Sexual Sin Part 2 - In this part 2 on sexual sin, we again wrestle with the question: Is it possible to love the sinner and hate the sin? Here we look at various events and people that have been highlighted in past films, with a focus on sexual sin and pornography.
  • Episode 18 - The Strategy Of Love - Love is a constant theme in our films, and here we ask the question: Should love have a strategy? Our adventure focuses on the filming of the gypsies in Finger of God.
  • Episode 19 - When Nothing Happens - Obviously our films typically only show our successes when praying for people, but quite often nothing happens at all. We wanted to show some of these moments, and really wrestle with the question: What do you do when nothing happens?
  • Episode 20 - Crusades: Is Bigger Better? - In the season finale with all new footage, join director, Will Hacker, as he films a large crusade in Africa with Daniel Kolenda for Finger of God 2. Our question here is: Is bigger better when it comes to ministry?

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  1. Great Topics Worth the Money 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 29th 2017

    As a Catholic I greatly enjoy the Adventures with God series as it gives me a window to see how other Christians live their faith. The series is well done and the discussions are intriguing. I highly recommend.